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RBI Achievement Awards 2014

Entry FAQs

Q: Which category should I enter?

A: There are seven categories and you should find one to suit your particular achievements.
If you are unsure about which award to enter, please contact

Q: Can I enter more than one category?

A: No - you can only enter one team, person or specific project into one category. Individuals should only enter into one award.  Brands / departments can enter as many awards as they like, but not for the same project in different categories.

Q: If I have any questions about my nomination, do I need to quote a number or code?

A: Yes, for each nomination submitted, the nominator will receive an email with a five-digit nomination code and details of the category entered. Please ensure that you retain that email for future reference or any queries you may have.

Q: Can I nominate a contractor for an Achievement Award?

A: Unfortunately nominations can only be made for permanent members of staff.

Q: How will I know my entry has been shortlisted?

A: Shortlists will be announced in early December. Winners will be announced mid-December.

Q: When will I find out whether I have won?

A: You will be contacted directly by your board member.

Q: When do entries close?

A: Entries close on Friday 7 November at 11.59pm your local time. No extension to this date can be given as judging starts on Monday 10 November.

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